The powerhouse CATFISH rocks the Harbor bar

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* Many thanks to CATFISH for sharing my concert review on his Facebook account! *

A major Berlin daily newspaper announced it in advance as the „secret tip of the day“ and was right, at least with the „TIPP“. Because before their concert in the Hafenbar Tegel, Catfish were no longer so completely unknown. Also not in Germany.

Having won 5 British Blues Awards so far, the Blues-rock Powerhouse band from Sussex in the south of England, founded in 2014, made a guest appearance on the Tegel coast to finally start expanding their fan base in Germany as well.

On November 13th, 2022, CATFISH played their first Germany gig as part of their *Germany / Czech Republic Tour in November 2022* in Berlin. Eve and Altamann were really looking forward to the evening, because at least word of Matt Long’s guitar playing had gotten around to Spandau.

Coming was worth it, because with the first song double consisting of the pieces *Up In Smoke / Change My Ways* they had the audience in the „sack“. Without a start, the band showed what this evening is about, excellent live music, performed by a top formation with a lot of joy in what they do.

CATFISH & Eve & ALTAMANN – V.l.n.r.: Klara Bohm, Matt, Long, Eve, Paul Long, ALTAMANN and Adam Pyke

The band’s internationally renowned regular drummer, Kev Hickman, who has been on international tours with Slash, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, The Darkness and Magnum, among others, unfortunately had to drop out due to illness. However, he was well represented by the talented Londoner Klara Bohm, who had already performed with the band KARIN ANN as support for the Imagine Dragons. Maybe he’ll be on board again at the next concert in Berlin. After votes by the audience, suggested by Matt Long, this should again take place in the Hafenbar Tegel. But we’re excited and are really looking forward to it.

Absolutely strong and confident presentation. A really strong Matt Long on the guitar and his father Paul Long on the keyboard led the band safely through a great program, which, selected from 3 studio albums by now, never let up in energy and joy of playing. Moody announcements between the songs made for fun with the audience and the rhythm section, made up of Adam Pyke on bass and Klara Bohm, ensured a rich groove on this evening.

Without any compromises, this concert is one of the best that Eve and the ALTAMANN have attended in the past year. It therefore gets full marks. In any case, we can now understand why this act is not only counted among the finest and most powerful that the English blues scene has to offer on the island. An unbelievable seven nominations at the British Blues Awards 2023, from individual band members or the band itself, as *Band of the Year*, speak for themselves.

The guests, who also included Jürgen Bailey and Jürgen Jay Dehmel, obviously liked it. You could see that in the many conversations the band had with the blues friends after the concert. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the band at the awards, but we think it won’t be necessary because the band will certainly convince the jury without our support.

In a nutshell:

‚Catfish are one of the finest live bands in Britain today. The quality of musicianship is outstanding and in Matt Long, they have one of the greatest young guitarists on the scene today…‘ – Blues Matters Magazine.

Just make an ear for yourself and listen to this powerhouse CATFISH for yourself. The ALTAMANN once made some songs available in channel A – The ALTAMANN channel for its YouTube presence. ?

CATFISH played this evening with the following cast:

Matt Long – guitar and vocals

Paul Long – keyboards and vocals

Adam Pyke – bass

Klara Bohm – drums

Homepage CATFISH:

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